Tempesta Media is digital marketing managed service provider that drives guaranteed revenue for your business.

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Tempesta Media is the only performance-based content marketing solution that drives revenue for your business.

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Managed Service Provider - Performica ™

Our managed service extends far beyond content production.

  • We holistically leverage content, social, email, SEO and influencer marketing to drive more revenue for your business.
  • Quickly improve your content marketing program’s performance by up to 30% by getting all the tools that you need to make it easier to work with and optimize your content.
  • We work as partners, aligning our compensation with your financial objectives.
  • Have a seamless workflow with easy integrations with your existing tools, systems, and writers.
  • Our managed service is focused on industries including business services, healthcare and financial services.

Performica improves ROI and ROT, freeing your team to focus on your company’s business goals.

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Every content marketing component
you need to drive bottom-line results

Content Marketing

Launch, optimize, and scale your content marketing programs with Tempesta Media’s platform. Our solution provides significant improvements to each stage of your content production and publication cycle.

Social Media Marketing

Tempesta Media’s Simple Social Share™ powers your social media networks with posts delivered on your desired schedule. Social media posts are written by expert copywriters who are experienced in crafting captions that drive engagement and reach.

Influencer Marketing

Our revolutionary influencer solutions drive accountable results for our customers. By using our proprietary brand value technology, we can accurately and predictably measure each influencer’s ability to drive engagement and action before a single dollar is spent by our customers.


Our content analytics capabilities identify strengths and weaknesses in your program and drive results. Get a 360-degree view of your program and ensure it achieves your objectives.

Professional Services

We offer robust professional services that accelerate your marketing team’s performance and maximize the complete feature suite found within Tempesta Media’s marketing platform.

Experts at your service

Customer Success Managers

Our proactive and highly-skilled customer success managers integrate seamlessly with your marketing team to ensure that results are efficiently achieved. They utilize their multiple industry certifications (including HubSpot®, SEO, Google®, and others) to bring insights to your program.

Industry Experts

We uniquely combine the talent and creativity of our people with the power of our platform to drive results. Our content creators average over 11 years of experience. We only work with the top 3% of the 27,000 US experts who we have vetted.

Our managed service drive results that matter

How we do it

Tempesta Media is much more than a content tool.  The difference starts with our approach and philosophy. Our managed service is squarely aimed at achieving financial results rather than creating content for the sake of creating content. We feel that content production is valuable, but it’s merely a means to an end, not the end result.

The focus remains the same – results that matter. We work side-by-side with you as true partners by aligning our compensation to your business objectives.

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Our differentiators

Areas of expertise


Our differentiators

Areas of expertise

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