Content Analytics

Analytics is a must-have part of your content marketing strategy that allows you to track metrics to optimize your program.

Analytics tools can give you insight into the main areas of your content marketing program’s performance:





By collecting and analyzing data correctly, you get a competitive edge. With an understanding of how your customers interact with your offerings as well as insight into what solutions they truly want, you can make better decisions.

Tempesta Media’s content analytics platform feature allows you to see the main metrics of your content performance.

New users


Understanding your audience allows you to create targeted messages that resonate and convert.

Tempesta Media tracks multiple audience metrics so that you have deep visibility into what your prospects want.


With the ability to track behavior analytics data, such as the average session duration, you have the full picture of how your customers engage with your marketing efforts.

Tempesta Media offers various metrics that allow you to take an extensive look into your users’ behavior.

Avg. Session duration

Bounce rate


With acquisition reports, you gain insight into where your visitors originate from, which will help you understand what marketing tactic brings you the most qualified leads.

Tempesta Media tracks important metrics to provide you with a broader view of your website’s users.

Organic searches


Evaluate your business’s value with conversion reports. Set up your conversion funnel with the preset tracking options or a customized one.

Tempesta Media’s content analytics feature enhances your comprehension of diverse metrics, creating a full picture of your marketing performance.

Competitor Analyses

Having deep knowledge of your competitors’ content and social media marketing programs can mean the difference between the success and failure of your own program. Competitor analyses bolster your strategic planning process and give you visibility into your competitive environment.

A Tempesta Media competitor analysis will analyze your designated competitors’ content and social media marketing programs and identify areas of strength, weakness, and potential opportunity for your company.

Our competitor analyses:

Our competitor analyses:

Social Media Post Frequency

Both Strypkoad and Jack5Industries regularly post on Facebook

Both Strypkoad and Jack5Industries don not have an active Twitter account

Common types of posts among the group are: