Content marketing provides outstanding benefits for companies within the healthcare industry.

Tempesta Media’s marketing managed solution Performica helps healthcare organizations connect with their patients while following compliance regulations.

Our experience in healthcare digital marketing enables us to optimize your content marketing strategy to increase audience engagement and create stronger patient relationships.

We currently serve these niche companies:

Our managed service solution Performica seamlessly incorporates content, social media, and influencer marketing together to drive revenue for you. Achieve superior bottom-line performance while reducing your costs by up to 80%.

Performica capabilities focus on key areas of healthcare industry


We are able to create and optimize content marketing strategies for healthcare that align with industry regulations and ethics.

Our effectual managed service solution allows you to achieve your business objectives while highlighting your expertise.

Coreform™ platform

Simplify your content workflow with Coreform – our streamlined platform that automates manual processes, letting you focus more on patient and client tasks.

Coreform includes innovative features, such as our Voice Profile™, SEO content optimization tools, and much more, which will lead to significant results in your content marketing program.


Monitor relevant metrics in real time to gain insight on your program’s success. With the data collected in our platform, you can make data-driven decisions to provide better-quality care and create excellent user experiences.

Content Marketing

Educate your audience on the latest tech advances, disease symptoms, and more while promoting trust.

Social Media

Amplify your social media presence with strategies that build engagement and bring in new patients.

On-Page SEO

Optimize your core web vitals, safe browsing, and medical-based keywords to improve user experience.

Off-Page SEO

Promote your company and get more visibility using effective inbound link campaigns such as listings, directories, and guest posts.


Guide patients and partners throughout their lifecycles with targeted emails that offer value.


Build partnerships with healthcare influencers to increase credibility and reach more potential patients.

How we do it

Our managed service solution Performica was crafted to address the common criteria in the healthcare industry:

  • Workflow created with HIPAA and other industry compliance requirements.
  • Multi-phase review that assures delivery of quality content to elevate patient experience.
  • Strategies for both patient and organizational audiences that support your mission.
  • System integrations that healthcare companies use.
  • Relevant analytics (e.g., local search engine rankings, B2B sales cycle, patient acquisition, etc.).

Whether it is revenue, leads, SEO, or brand visibility, our customers rely on us to achieve their corporate and strategic objectives. Regardless of whether it’s managing holistic and tightly integrated content, social, and influencer marketing programs or applying deep experience of your industry, the focus remains the same – results that matter.

We work side-by-side with you as true partners by aligning our success to your business objectives.

Find out how we can help you.