How to create content without breaking the bank

Michael Marchese
November 5, 2018
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How to create content without breaking the bank

Michael Marchese
November 5, 2018

Marketing teams often wear many hats from social media specialists to web developers and content writers. You know great content helps companies rank in search engines and increase website traffic… but writing the content is SO time consuming. The task of sitting down to write an 800-word blog post might end up falling to the end of your to-do list.
If you think you don’t have the time, we will introduce additional ways to create content that won’t eat up your afternoon. Not all great content takes forever to create. For example, you can use and reuse your existing content to develop blogs, articles and other digital marketing assets. It’s maximum content with minimum effort.

Upcycle and reuse

If you’ve already made great content in the past, then don’t just let it sit there. You can upcycle it into better content. Did you write several articles about a specific topic? Why not change them up a little and combine them into a case study or white paper. You can turn your blog posts into a downloadable asset to usher customers through the sales funnel.
You can break down large articles into several smaller ones or even create small Facebook posts or tweets about them. Many social media posts can come from one good article. Have access to graphics? Why not turn a blog post or white paper into an infographic for Pinterest or Instagram?

Let customers, partners come up with ideas

The hardest part of content creating isn’t the writing; it’s coming up with topics. Your customers are your best topic resource. Ask them for feedback on your recent webinar, video or podcast. Did they have any questions? Was there something that was difficult to understand? Their concerns make great blog topics.
Create blog posts that answer their questions and use the question as your headline. Google loves answering searcher’s questions which can improve your work, and potentially add your post in a knowledge graph. That’s prime real estate.
Your customers don’t want to search your site to get questions answered. By making it a blog post title, they know exactly what they’re getting.
The same goes with your vendors. Think about their pain points and ask for their ideas. Vendors may also want to participate in the article and share it with their audience. A good backlink from them is worth its weight in gold.

The facts in F.A.Q.s

Websites often have extensive Frequently Asked Questions sections. The answers are short to keep from using too much space, but why not expand on them in your blog. Your customers appreciate it and you get the chance to expand on much needed answers.
If customers consistently ask the same questions in emails or on social media, use it as a topic for your content. Common questions clearly demonstrate an area of confusion that should be educated within your brand messaging. Plus, it will save your support team from having to answer the same question over and over again, ultimately improved your customer support.

It’s all linkjuice

Need something quick? Find helpful resources and link them within a list for your readers. The resources should be something that all relate to a certain topic. Add a small explanation for each resource, turning it into a great blog article. It’s fast and has good authoritative external links. Try to get the copy to at least 300 words.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Google image search is one of the least optimized aspects of the search engine. The pictures you choose, ideally created by you and not stock images, can impact traffic. They should be vibrant and effectively complement the article. Images should have alt tags for SEO and captions to explain a concept.
Google image search can help you website SEO with effective meta data. Make the keywords natural like they belong there. Why use only one images? If you’ve got several great pictures, create a gallery with captions.

Teach old content new tricks

If you’ve had a blog or website for a long time, then you have a library of old content that’s just sitting there. The information is still good for the most part, but it needs to be updated. It could be that the technology has changed, the rules are different or you’ve updated products.
Go through and update your existing blogs to add new information to customers. The updates won’t take long and Google notices the new content and might improve your rankings. A single blog update may only take a few minutes.

Great content doesn’t have to be time consuming

The old saying goes that “content is king,” but it’s hard to be on the throne if you don’t create it. These are some ways to create content that doesn’t take your forever. If you still don’t have the time or want to learn more about content creation, please visit our site and learn all that we have to offer.

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