Case study projects for a content marketing candidate interview

Michael Marchese
June 13, 2019
case study questions for content marketing employee

Case study projects for a content marketing candidate interview

Michael Marchese
June 13, 2019

Case studies are a great wait to see if what the interview candidate says they can do during an interview, actually matches up to their skills. Case studies also help sniff out how interested a candidate is in the job.  The reason why Tempesta Media uses case studies during the hiring process is because hiring the wrong candidate can actually slow your business down.
Here are a few ideas of case studies that you can create for candidates who are applying for a content marketing position at your company:

Create an email nurturing campaign with at least five different emails:

This person should create the email and the blog article for each component of the campaign. Look for attention to detail. Does this person include subject lines, call to action descriptions, and proper links?
Nurturing campaign case studies also allows you to determine if the candidate can customize the content to match the audience or where the reader is in the marketing funnel.

Develop an editorial calendar with topics

Ask the candidate to create a brief one month editorial calendar. This will demonstrate the content marketing expert’s creativity and ability to research.
Do the topic suggestions involve something that’s already been written about?
Is the topic timely or segmented towards the audience?

Repurpose a white paper

Provide the candidate with a white paper and recommend that they break it up into smaller blog articles. See how they’re able to do it, and how they would execute it. This is a great example of someone taking initiative and being able to interpret the content that you create for them.

Ask for content marketing goals to determine ROI

Goals are critical to determine whether or not your content marketing program is successful. By asking this question during the interview process, you’ll be able to tell if the candidate is analytical and goal orientated.
Do they have a business sense?
As with any case study deliverable, pay close attention to the questions they ask, the timeliness, and the overall style of what’s produced. Need help with a strategy, How to create a simple content strategy.

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