Outsourcing Content Marketing in Regulated Industries – Part Four

Michael Marchese
September 4, 2019
Outsourcing content production in highly regulated industries

Outsourcing Content Marketing in Regulated Industries – Part Four

Michael Marchese
September 4, 2019

Part three of our four part series discussed incorporating regulatory compliance into your content review process. Today, we will analyze outsourcing content marketing production in regulated industries. In addition, we will discuss the debate of creating content in house versus from an outsourced content marketing vendor.
A common question that occurs is how to create content with an outsourced marketing vendor. Even more commonly, we are asked whether it is possible to develop the best content for your business if it is in a highly regulated industry. The short answer is yes, it is possible. Tempesta Media has much experience creating content in the financial services, banking, investment, healthcare, pharmaceutical and many other highly regulated industries.

Writers with experience in highly regulated industries

Quality content is important, and there is a lot at stake for your company without it. That’s why the messaging must be correct, match your voice and meet your quality assurance checks.
Firstly, you’ll need a team of writers who have experience writing in your specific industry segment. They must understand the nuances in the language and the requirements associated within the copy. The writers need to have both the industry experience and the writing experience to meet your needs. Tempesta Media’s writer vetting and audition process makes up for both.

A style guide to capture your specific requirements and language preferences

A playbook for your writing team brings the writers up to speed on how the content should be written along with the goals you wish to achieve. This playbook also ensures that the content captures the necessary language. It stays away from language that wouldn’t meet your quality assurance requirements. Tempesta Media’s Voice ProfileTM is continuously optimized to achieve even higher quality content.

Unlimited revisions for the best content marketing in regulated industries

Content can be a soft science. With different perspectives and styles, a few revisions might be needed at first. These revisions improve the learning curve among your writing team and help to optimize your Voice Profile. Tempesta Media offers unlimited revisions with a quick turnaround.

Ways an outsourced content marketing firm improves your process

With that said, it’s important to bring in the content provider that you’re going to use as part of the editorial process and part of the review process. Content companies like Tempesta Media have many capabilities to lighten the load for the marketing department.

  • Use Tempesta Media’s interface to review content on the spot by different individuals that do approvals within the company.
  • Have one centralized source and one centralized workflow to reduce the amount of emails and tracking done internally.
  • Editorial calendar capabilities help make the life of content managers easier because they’re able to have experts help them craft the strategy for highly effective and relevant content.
  • With bundled content creation, Tempesta Media’s editing and plagiarism screening remove some of the workload for the content manager.
  • A vendor has one account manager instead of dealing with multiple editors, writers and software technologies.

The suggestions that we’ve provided are based on actual experience and working with customers who have been successful with their content marketing programs. Contact Tempesta Media to learn more about how we can scale content for your business.

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