Article Writing Service Providers – What To Know

Kristan Manley
February 12, 2020
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Article Writing Service Providers – What To Know

Kristan Manley
February 12, 2020

Every company should have a program to communicate their thoughts to customers. Sometimes, though, businesses don’t have the capacity to manage their content marketing program. As a result, they choose to outsource to an article writing service provider.

Types of article writing service providers

Content is crucial to marketing success. As such, there should be plenty of content providers available to help companies grow.

The truth is, though, not many article writing service providers exist. There are two groups you can choose from:

Freelancers: Individual writers who create content for a few companies.

Content companies/agencies: Entire businesses that provide content services to many companies in many industries.

As far as content companies go, there are only about 100 in the United States. That’s down from 150 a few years ago. Now, you may be thinking that 100 is plenty. However, when you consider the thousands of businesses that need help scaling up, 100 doesn’t cover it.

As far as freelancers go, there’s definitely more than 100. Nevertheless, with freelancers, what you would gain in options you would sacrifice in volume, and potentially quality. A freelancer cannot produce quality content consistently enough to grow your content marketing. Additionally, you could give up the industry expertise and technical know-how you would receive with a content company.

The article writing service industry

To clarify, the absence of content companies does not stem from the lack of necessity. The main reason for so few companies is the barrier of entry to the industry. It has increased dramatically.

To stay relevant, a content company needs to make major investments in their technology. They have to update and modernize, or else their competitors will outrank them quickly. Integrated content marketing platforms can streamline each stage of the content creation process. In other words, a platform helps you stay relevant and modern, but it takes time and money to do so.

Despite the lack of content companies, the demand for article writing service providers is expected to increase. The focus of marketing is shifting from impersonal, mass sales tactics to the individual customer relationship. Therefore, content is becoming more important.

To be successful, businesses need to establish thought leadership. In addition, they need to improve customer retention and acquisition. Content that is relevant to their industry and that engages their audience can improve both. As noted previously, good content takes dedication – both in time and in resources. An article writing service provider can help you scale up your content while you focus on other parts of your business.

The content marketing cycle

After a company decides to scale their content marketing, they have two choices:

  • Outsource from the beginning.
  • Attempt to do it in-house.

If you attempt to create content internally, you may find success. That’s great! However, companies who try to keep content in-house oftentimes have trouble scaling it. Specifically, they can’t produce enough quality content at a steady frequency to make progress. It’s hard to establish thought leadership or keep your customers’ interest with subpar content and sporadic posting. In these cases, companies turn to an article writing service provider.

In the end, businesses often choose a hybrid solution. They outsource their content creation and keep other parts (planning, writers, publishing, etc.) in house.

Tempesta Media is your solution

A hybrid solution allows both parties to work at maximum efficiency. At Tempesta Media, we work together to produce quality content at scale.

You decide how much content to create, and you can even bring your own team of writers. Ultimately, you have control over what, when and where you want to publish. Meanwhile, we produce the actual content. We take care of the outlines, drafts, editing, SEO optimization and more. Essentially, Tempesta Media’s content marketing platform streamlines this process. As a result, you can manage every stage from one system.

To learn how Tempesta Media’s solution delivers 10 times better quality content, contact us today.

Our Mission

Tempesta Media is the performance-based content marketing solution specifically developed to drive revenue for your business.

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