What Is a Content Marketing Strategist?

Kristan Manley
February 24, 2020

What Is a Content Marketing Strategist?

Kristan Manley
February 24, 2020

Even if your company has a strong desire and determination to improve your content marketing, you must have a strategy to achieve success. To clarify, you can’t go around publishing random articles sporadically and expect to see improvements. This is where a content marketing strategist comes in.

What is a content marketing strategist?

A content strategist has a multi-faceted job description because they need to be quick on their feet. Particularly, they need communication skills, writing skills and an in-depth knowledge of SEO concepts.

In short, a content strategist creates content strategies for a company. They use data from new and existing material and analyze that data to help create content. Ultimately, that content helps to shape a narrative that resonates with the company’s audience.

A content strategist can be a singular person, a team or even an outsourced company. Whatever you choose, in the end, your strategist should create and implement your strategy to achieve your content marketing goals.

To succeed, your content strategist must:

  • Know the company’s voice, style and audience.
  • Keep the voice of the company consistent throughout all content.
  • Plan out optimal times to publish the content to engage and not overwhelm the audience.
  • Plan the optimal platform to publish on to give the content the best chance of being seen.
  • Have access to writers who are experts in the company’s industry.
  • Know about digital marketing and the industry’s constant changes.
  • Be familiar with SEO and how it can affect business strategy and sales.

Oftentimes, the responsibilities of a content marketing strategist and a content marketing specialist overlap, especially when the marketing team is small. Generally speaking, strategists tackle more abstract concepts – such as SEO or engagement. On the other hand, specialists handle more detailed aspects of the content itself.

Content strategists create a plan for content creation, delivery and promotion. They help to champion that content across the company’s digital platforms. Once you publish the content, they measure and analyze how it performs to see what worked and what needs improvement.

As a result, a content strategist requires more skills of a project manager than people may realize.

How do you create the best content marketing strategy?

If your team is overwhelmed by too many responsibilities, consider outsourcing your content.

Notably, a qualified content provider should leverage knowledge of your industry, business and goals to achieve a higher ROI, while still maintaining optimal quality.

With this in mind, your partner should have a roster of expert writers, editors and strategists that can produce better quality content at scale. In fact, Tempesta Media’s content marketing solution is designed to do just that.

Tempesta Media can exceed all your content marketing needs

If you want to improve your content marketing strategy or need a partner in your content production, Tempesta can help. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business save time, lower costs and scale your content production.

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