How Can My Content Give Me a Competitive Advantage?

Michael Marchese
March 12, 2020
How Can My Content Give Me a Competitive Advantage

How Can My Content Give Me a Competitive Advantage?

Michael Marchese
March 12, 2020

With content marketing, you have to play the long game. It takes months until you can see real results. Because of this long-term commitment, many businesses neglect to continually manage their program. This prevents them from experiencing all of the advantages content can bring to their company. However, if you commit to a strong content plan, you can gain many benefits, including a competitive advantage.

Content displays thought leadership

Thought leadership is a form of marketing that displays your expertise, talent and passion for your business in your market. It gives you an advantage over your competition by showcasing your industry knowledge and your focus on industry changes and trends.

Your competitors might not be able to display the same level of knowledge as you – whether that be from a gap in understanding, a lack of attention to their environment or the absence of a content marketing program. When comparing your services with this type of competitor’s, people will choose the company that demonstrates their expertise and attention to change.

When you incorporate thought leadership in your content strategy, you’re establishing that you are the go-to solution when a consumer has questions, needs to research a product in your industry or is looking for a business to solve their problem.

Content shows that you consistently pay attention to all aspects of your business

Producing quality content regularly shows that you don’t neglect responsibilities. It shows that your business stays on top of your commitments, which helps instill trust in customers.

If your competition is producing content more sporadically (or if they publish irrelevant, filler content), they come across as unreliable. After all, if they can’t keep up with their internal tasks, how are they going to achieve anything for their customers?

Content consistency – both in content quality and publishing frequency – gives you a competitive advantage in your market.

Remember: Publishing content depends more so on how consistently you publish, not on how often you do. If you can only publish quality content twice a week, don’t publish subpar content just to improve your frequency. (If you do this, you’re putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage.)

Content promotes strong customer relationships

Content also increases your communication with your customers. In turn, this increases the likelihood of interaction with your company. Using calls to action can help to increase that engagement rate by establishing clear opportunities for your audience to further engage with you.

Creating content also shows you care about your customers because you are informing and updating them with important information. As time goes on, customers will view your company as their primary source for the latest updates and trends and expert advice.

Your competitors may not have this open line of trusted communication, which is why it’s important to always improve your customer relationships with content.

Grow your content at scale

By creating consistent content, you are encouraging your customers to choose you over your competitor. This leads to more revenue and overall success of your business. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced business, Tempesta Media can help you grow your content marketing at scale to give you that competitive advantage.

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