The Basics of Technical Content Marketing

Michael Marchese
March 23, 2020
The Basics of Technical Content Marketing

The Basics of Technical Content Marketing

Michael Marchese
March 23, 2020

Technical content can be a difficult topic in itself. After all, it’s the process of making complicated functional processes easier for an audience to understand.

Marketing that technical content can be confusing too, so let’s go over the basics to make your job a little easier.

What is technical content?

Technical content is content that has been created to help a user understand how a product works. This may be a document that describes additional features of the program or marketing copy that puts difficult technical text into more understandable language.

Technical content marketing builds on that content, creating a marketing program for those highly specialized products and services from your business. Many times, this information requires a deep level of expertise in order to understand it effectively.

What type of content is suitable for technical content marketing?

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating technical content is that you need to understand the comprehension level of your audience. If they are highly technical, you need to not only understand their technical issues, but you also need to be able to explain them well.

What type of content you create is going to vary based on the objective of your piece. If you are just growing awareness of your brand or growing your website’s audience, then top-funnel content such as blog posts or news commentaries would be an excellent place to start.

Blogs and commentaries do a good job of helping to boost your SEO, as they get indexed by search engines and drive initial visitors to your site.

Once your audience is on your site, and you’re ready to generate leads, registrations or newsletter subscriptions, mid-funnel content is what you should create. Types of mid-funnel content include:

  • Case studies
  • E-guides
  • Thought leadership

Remember: It’s important to bridge the gap between your content marketing goals and the technical needs of your audience. You want to sufficiently explain terms and processes while also engaging your audience to keep them interested.

How do you make it interesting?

Technical content can sometimes become boring if you don’t explain things in the right way. It can be a challenge for even the best writer to create an engaging piece of content that addresses a complex product or service but is still comprehensible and interesting.

First, strip away some of the technical aspects of your service or product and focus more on the benefits that it provides to your audience. While you can’t avoid all technical terms, you can make up for the more difficult aspects by clearly identifying why your readers should care about what you are saying. The benefits, such as cost savings, while help keep them interested in learning more.

Next, gather facts and quotes from experts that can give your content authenticity and credibility. This will remove any doubt that you are talking in circles or are not knowledgeable about what you offer.

Finally, include relevant links, images or videos that can help your audience gain more information on the topic. A visual aid or a different explanatory approach may help them understand your offerings better.

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