How to Gauge Whether Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Working

Michael Marchese
March 25, 2020
How to Gauge Whether Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Working

How to Gauge Whether Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Working

Michael Marchese
March 25, 2020

You’ve created some content. Great job! However, you aren’t done once you hit “publish.”

In order to see maximum results, it’s essential to focus on the publication, promotion and performance of your content just as much as – if not more than – you focused when you created it.

Is my content marketing strategy working?

If you’re wondering whether your strategy is working, then it might not be. After all, a genuinely effective content marketing strategy would be paying off in leads, sales or another form of result that you could quantify.

It is essential to create high-quality content at a consistent frequency to accurately determine whether your marketing program is a success. Publishing irregularly will not provide accurate results, as you could have 100 leads one month and 25 the next. It is essential to publish high-quality content at a consistent frequency – subpar content posted sporadically could be a debilitating mistake.

Am I publishing on the right platforms?

It is essential to publish your content on the platforms that your audience frequently visits, such as your website blog, LinkedIn, your social media pages and more.

Choosing the right channel to publish your content could mean the difference between massive success and a mediocre response.

Facebook is popular amongst the 25-30 year olds, whereas Gen X, or those born in the mid-1960s to the late 1970s, are more likely to be on YouTube, believe it or not!

Whatever platform your audience most often visits, make sure you are on it. It’ll broaden your brand visibility tremendously.

Promote your content – often

Once you’ve created your content and published it on your chosen platform, it’s time to promote it.

Post snippets on social media with a strong call to action, which will help entice your viewers to read the full story.

Additionally, consider starting an email campaign. This type of promotion works exceptionally well for a blog series or longer-form content piece that you want to receive specialized attention. By directly addressing your audience with a personalized email and specifically explaining the benefit of your content, they’ll be more interested in reading it. After all, if someone tells you that you could benefit from reading something, why wouldn’t you read it?

Besides promoting a strong customer relationship, emails are a great way of tracking your click-through rate to your blog and can help with increasing your leads and growing revenue.

Track your content’s performance

You should be tracking every piece of content that you produce and use that data to measure your return on investment.

Using an analytics platform, like Google Analytics, will help you determine what articles are doing well and which topics you should avoid in the future. Your metrics from Google Analytics can help to shape your marketing strategy by giving a better overview of key performance indicators that point to success.

KPIs to look for include:

  • Page views
  • Bounce rate
  • Time spent on page

If one type of topic is creating significantly more success than another, you can use that topic as the baseline for your future content.

You can even use Google Analytics marketing to compare your content marketing strategy’s success over an extended period of time, such as weeks, months and even years. This type of long-term data collection will help you see whether your program is not only meeting immediate goals but also succeeding in the long run.

Turn your data into action

Once you’ve measured the success of your current content marketing strategy and have the data you need to make improvements, it’s time to act.

Tempesta Media recently rolled out an integration with Google Analytics into our content marketing platform, which allows our customers to not only oversee the process of content creation but also publish and track the content as well.

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To learn more about our Google Analytics integration and how we can help you grow your content marketing program to scale, contact us today.

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