How Tempesta Media can augment your in-house writing team

Michael Marchese
September 3, 2020
tempesta media augment in-house marketing

How Tempesta Media can augment your in-house writing team

Michael Marchese
September 3, 2020

In business, some choices are mutually exclusive. Your company can be organized as a corporation or a limited liability partnership, not both. A business is either publically held or privately held; it can’t be both. However, when it comes to your content marketing efforts, your company doesn’t have to choose between using your in-house team and working with an outside expert.
Partnering with the right content marketing agency can complement and enhance the work of your existing marketing team, copywriters or PR firm. With a full-service partner, your company can increase lead generation, enhance your SEO, strengthen your brand’s reputation and improve the ROI of your content marketing. Here are several ways that your company can use a full-service content marketing agency, such as Tempesta Media, in conjunction with your current content creators.

Complement your marketing efforts

Tempesta Media works with your company to capture your brand’s unique voice. By augmenting your content marketing team with expert writers, your organization can produce expert content at scale and reach more potential customers.

  • Fresh perspectives: The best content uses compelling storytelling to speak directly to your audience. Whether your company markets to businesses or individual consumers, an outsider’s perspective can help refine your message. Our content marketing experts will apply their writing skills to position your brand as an industry leader.
  • Industry expertise: Just because someone is a good writer doesn’t mean they can write great articles about investment management, artificial intelligence or health care. Can your in-house team create content for all of the different verticals your company wants to cover? Tempesta Media’s writers are industry experts. We can even assemble multiple writing teams to create content for each vertical of your company.
  • Professional journalists: Is your company looking for ways to generate earned media? No one knows how to write an engaging story better than a journalist. Tempesta Media’s journalists create articles that are targeted to your audience and ready for publication. We can even help place your content on premium sites such as Forbes, Business Insider or Inc.
  • Established influencers: Did you know that almost 40% of consumers look to influencers — not celebrities — to make a purchase decision? Additionally, they are more likely to purchase a product that has been recommended by a non-celebrity blogger.
  • Expanded reach: There’s a limit to the amount of content a single writer can produce. On average, it takes an in-house marketing team member 1-2 hours to write one blog post. Writing longer or more complex articles often takes an entire workday. Since most marketers are responsible for an array of duties, they may not have the time to consistently write high-quality content. Partnering with Tempesta Media enables your company to expand its content marketing efforts at a much lower cost than hiring an in-house employee.
  • More types of content: Limited time often means that your company has to make choices about what content to create. Bringing on additional writers empowers you to reach your audience in a variety of different ways. If your existing team is focusing solely on blog posts, for example, Tempesta Media can create the case studies, white papers, and long-form articles that you need to position your company as a thought leader.

As a full-service content marketing firm, Tempesta Media offers more than just great writers. Leverage professional tools and services

As a full-service content marketing firm, Tempesta Media offers more than just great writers. Clients also benefit from a wide range of services and tools designed to span the entire content creation process from brainstorming concepts through publication.

  • Editorial calendar and strategy: Developing a content marketing strategy helps your company make the most of its time and budget. As research demonstrates that brands which have a defined content strategy outperform those that do not, your company needs a plan to create content that will deliver the best ROI. Tempesta Media’s editorial calendars serve as the roadmap for your content strategy. Our team will research what is trending in your industry, gaps in your own and competitors’ content, and content marketing best practices to create a calendar of detailed topic outlines. Once you approve the topics, our team will order each topic as scheduled. With Tempesta Media, it’s that easy to create high-quality content on a consistent basis.
  • Content marketing platform: Tempesta Media’s clients have unlimited access to our proprietary content marketing platform, Article Document, and its technology. Our intuitive, easy-to-use platform makes it simple to order, review, and publish your content in one place.
  • Professional editing: Reviewing content can be time-consuming. While a professional editor averages four to eight pages per hour, inexperienced reviewers typically take longer and miss greater errors. At Tempesta Media, each piece of content is edited by a team of professional in-house editors before you even take the first look. Our team can also provide deep-dive editing services to anything drafted by your in-house team.
  • Competitor analysis: With Tempesta Media’s competitor analysis, our team will conduct a comprehensive review of your chosen competitors and identify patterns and gaps within their content strategy. After highlighting their weaknesses, we recommend strategies you can utilize to gain a competitive advantage. This report provides valuable insights into your competitor’s social media and content marketing channels; enabling you to develop a more robust content strategy.
  • SEO optimization: All content created by Tempesta Media includes SEO optimization. To ensure your content is ready for publication, we check for keyword density, readability and proper HTML headings and formatting. Each piece is delivered with a targeted meta title and meta description to help it rank well in a keyword search.
  • Versioning and segmentation: Your writer team will customize content for the specific audience or vertical that your organization is targeting. Our voice profile ensures that the writing style and tone match your audience’s unique interests, preferences and pain points. While 75 percent of all ideas are only used for one piece of content, versioning enables your company to generate a larger return on that initial investment. We can take your existing content and rewrite it to resonate with a new audience.
  • Interviews: Tempesta Media can interview current customers or industry experts to demonstrate your company’s “proof of success”, and further support case studies, white papers, a series of blog articles, or other detailed content. This approach combines the knowledge of a subject matter expert with the skill and convenience of a professional content team.

Ensure peace of mind

In addition to creating and polishing expert content, Tempesta Media gives our clients confidence in their content marketing operation. We work to ensure that every piece we write or edit meets our high standards.

  • Plagiarism screening: Would you know if someone on your writing team was passing off another writer’s work as their own? Plagiarism poses a serious threat to an organization’s reputation and financial stability. If your content is found to be unoriginal, your company could face legal action. Tempesta Media screens all content for plagiarism before it is delivered to our clients.
  • Turnover protection: Only 59 percent of employees have been with their present employer for 3 years or more, and turnover is especially high among younger workers. Tempesta Media provides insurance that your company will always have a stable solution for content creation. If one of your employees were to suddenly leave, by partnering with Tempesta Media, your content marketing won’t miss a beat.

Expand your team

Our clients consider Tempesta Media an extension of their marketing team or entire copywriting department. With our expert writers, guidance, specialized tools, and full-service approach, we make publishing high-quality content simple. Call us or schedule a time to discuss how Tempesta Media can help your team create expert content at scale.

Need help?

If you have a content marketing program or are planning one, download our e-book “100 Mistakes Businesses Make When Starting, Optimizing and Scaling Content Marketing Programs.”
This e-book will walk you through the mistakes of hundreds of other companies and the challenges they faced in implementing their content marketing programs. To learn more about how Tempesta Media can help you streamline your content creation process and deliver quality content at scale, contact us today.

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