5 Best Tools for B2B Content Management and Scaling

Igor Priakhin
April 6, 2021
5 best tools for B2B content management and scaling

5 Best Tools for B2B Content Management and Scaling

Igor Priakhin
April 6, 2021

Your company has spent hours creating content, and now you need the tools to help manage it. You also want to optimize your efforts by distributing the content on as many channels as quickly and efficiently as possible. To optimize your content management efforts, you need the right tools.

Today, there are many different tools your company can use to manage content for your website, social media, email, and even blogs. Below, discover the five best tools for content management that your business needs to scale up and have a leg up on the competition.

WeTransfer for large content transfers

WeTransfer is a super easy tool to use. You upload and send your content using your and your sender’s email addresses. Instead of dealing with the file size limits in email, your company can transfer large-sized:

  • Documents.
  • Photos.
  • Videos.
  • Files.

WeTransfer has a significant impact on scaling your business. The ability to share large files safely gives companies an advantage because the B2B exchange becomes quicker and more efficient.

Beyond Compare to swiftly compare data

Beyond Compare is the perfect content management tool to compare files and folders, focusing only on your business’s key metrics.

The ability to analyze data like text, tables, and images in specialized viewers allows companies to make marketing decisions based on those findings. For example, when using the specialized viewer, you can compare two source code files side by side. It is essential to analyze code quickly to synchronize your files.

With Beyond Compare, you can access data anywhere from your Windows, macOS, or Linux workstation. Directly access:

  • FTP sites.
  • Media devices.
  • WebDAV resources.
  • SVN repositories.
  • Cloud storage.

PDFmyURL to optimize content on multiple channels

What happens when you combine two different acronyms? You get PDFmyURL, a tool that lets you create high-quality PDF documents quickly.

When managing and scaling up your content, it is important to have a tool to optimize the content on as many channels as possible, and a tool like PDFmyURL makes optimizing easy with quick conversions. PDFs offer a more official and secure document format, preventing people from modifying the information and potentially misrepresenting facts.

It is crucial for businesses to have this tool to convert content like:

  • Reports.
  • E-books.
  • Brochures.

There is no installation required, and you can access a free trial to cost-effectively scale up content.

Gravatar to create a digital profile

Gravatar is an innovative tool that allows you to create an avatar for your business when you interact with websites. With an image and company details, you can keep a centralized profile for Gravatar-enabled sites.

What’s great about Gravatar is that it’s not only a free service for site owners, developers, and users, but it is also included in every WordPress account.

The key benefit of using Gravatar is brand recognition for your company. Visitors will recognize your Gravatar, allowing you to scale your content because you are building more trust with your audience.

TubeBuddy to increase visibility

If your company is looking specifically to scale up YouTube content, there’s a great content management tool called TubeBuddy. It adds a layer of tools directly on YouTube’s website as a browser extension.

TubeBuddy provides an extensive amount of tools focused on:

  • Productivity.
  • Bulk processing.
  • Video SEO.
  • Promotion.
  • Data and research.

The productivity features include canned responses that can help if you find yourself writing the same answer repeatedly. It also offers faster and more personalized messages and automation to help with optimizing visibility.

You can easily integrate TubeBuddy with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera with an additional extension.

Need content management help?

All businesses need to have tools for success, particularly when managing and optimizing content. To help your company scale up and capitalize on your content marketing efforts, you need to implement these five tools in your everyday operations.

To learn more about the best content management tools or about how we can provide you with quality content at scale, contact us today. We want to help companies succeed. That’s why we created our e-book on 100 mistakes businesses often make with their content marketing strategy.

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