What to Consider When Choosing a Full-Service Marketing Agency?

Madison Gridley
October 14, 2021
full-service marketing agency

What to Consider When Choosing a Full-Service Marketing Agency?

Madison Gridley
October 14, 2021

Tips to Help You Connect With the Right Full-Service Marketing Agency

When seeking to hire a full-service marketing agency, you want a partner who thoroughly understands your requirements and pain points. The agency you choose should also have a good grasp of your industry or the particular type of business you run. When selecting a managed service provider for your content marketing strategy, consider the following.

1. What are my business’s goals and overall mission?

A good B2B marketing agency will seek to thoroughly understand your business goals and your company’s mission. The more information you can provide up front, the better. The right agency will ask questions to clear up any uncertainty.

If your potential partner doesn’t have a clear grasp on the marketing goals you want to accomplish, it will almost always lead to poor results. On the other hand, a full-service marketing agency that “gets” you right from the start will be equipped to drive results and offer a better ROI.

2. What do I need in terms of resources and staffing?

Not all managed service providers are created equal. The right full-service marketing agency marketing agency possesses the expertise in your industry to deliver high-quality results. It will have all the tools it needs to help with audience research, determine SEO, create and track metrics, produce content, develop a social media strategy, and execute influencer marketing and email marketing.

Additionally, when connecting with a full-service content marketing agency, you want to make sure it has the resources in-house to get the job done right. For instance, it will have enough strategists, writers, designers, and other staff available and ready to work on your account.

3. What kind of budget can I allocate for marketing?

Chances are you have a firm (or at least approximate) budget to adhere to. Be sure to have this settled before you reach out to content marketing agencies, and then be prepared to discuss it during your conversations.

This will help your potential partner understand what you have to work with and determine if it can cover the scope of services you seek. If not, the agency might have alternative suggestions to jump-start your content marketing campaign.

4. What is the track record of the managed service provider?

Your ideal partner will not only exemplify your brand, but also drive conversions. This means you’ll be able to bring your company to its full potential and keep it on the path of positive growth. When speaking with potential agencies, be sure to learn about the following:

  • How does the marketing firm keep up with marketing trends? (See if it can cite examples of how it has adapted to changing trends.)
  • Does the B2B marketing agency know how to effectively and efficiently use technology?
  • Can the company show examples of past work and/or demonstrate experience in your niche?

The bottom line is the right agency will be thoroughly prepared to manage your marketing activities while keeping within your budget.

A full-service marketing agency can offer you 360-degree service while bolstering your company’s brand. If you need help taking your business to the next level, Tempesta Media’s managed solution will help. We have the resources you need to create or expand your content strategy.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Madison Gridley

Madison Gridley

Madison Gridley is a customer success manager at Tempesta Media with expertise in search engine optimization. She loves helping customers optimize their content to rank higher on search engines. Besides her passion for content marketing, Madison loves hiking with her dog, kayaking, reading, and watching scary movies! Her favorite books are "Ghost Story" by Peter Straub and "Harvest Home" by Tom Tryon.

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