What Content Marketing Software Is Best for Your Business?

Kristan Manley
November 9, 2021
content marketing automation

What Content Marketing Software Is Best for Your Business?

Kristan Manley
November 9, 2021

Find a solution that enhances your efficiency

The growth of content marketing has come with a vast number of solutions for content creation. In this article, we aim to address some of the challenges you might face when choosing the right content marketing software for your business — one that makes it easier to get your message out effectively while maximizing your ROI.

1. Decide whether you need content marketing automation

Content marketing automation is the process of identifying repetitive marketing tasks and outsourcing them to trusted partners or automating them through a content platform. Some tasks to automate are:

  1. Share content across social media.
  2. Create analytics metrics.
  3. Email newsletters.
  4. Stage processes, monitor their status, and update them.

Bringing in expert content marketing services that know how to implement automation can give you the best results.

2. Define the content marketing platform requirements

To choose the best content marketing software for your business, you need a strategy map with defined processes. In addition, the map should define content actions clearly.

For example, does the software have a complete tool set to manage content? Can the platform manage, distribute, and regulate access to the content? Does the platform manage all digital file types and include documents, images, photos, videos, and other multimedia?

3. Make sure the content platform includes content marketing services

Make sure managed content marketing services are an option when you decide on a solution. For example, some content platforms provide managed services to drive revenue for businesses. These services use their technology to achieve higher performance and boost your ROI.

As an example of a feature-rich solution, a top-tier content marketing service offers guides for content creation. For example, does the platform have reference materials like optimized content for Google searches? Or does it offer a large library of e-guides and case studies?

4. Evaluate the content marketing software for DAM features

Make sure Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a part of the content marketing platform. The platform needs to manage digital assets such as:

  1. Strategy and planning calendars.
  2. Content workflow processes.
  3. Shared content.
  4. Content publishing service.
  5. Social media and performance metrics.

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Choose the best-in-class content marketing software for a marketing edge

We hope this article has given you insights that help you make an informed decision about your content marketing platform. A platform with managed services will give you an edge in a competitive field. Managed services focus on creating a road map that leads you to success.

It’s wise to select a platform vendor that works to achieve financial results rather than simply create content. The best solution drives profits to build a strong ROI.

Therefore, it is worth selecting a content platform that bases compensation on performance or achievement of business objectives rather than narrow goals like the amount of content produced.

Where to begin your content marketing platform search

A great way to start looking for content marketing services is to contact Tempesta Media, a leader in managed services for the business, healthcare, and financial industries. We provide top talent and a proven system to meet your content marketing challenges.

As a gift to help you start your journey, please accept our free e-book and resource guide, “100 Mistakes Businesses Make When Starting, Optimizing and Scaling Content Marketing Programs.”

Kristan Manley

Kristan Manley

Kristan Manley is the Director of Customer Success for Tempesta Media. She has been crafting messages and content for just over a decade and has been in the Customer Success business for 15+ years. She is the mother of 4 beautiful children (and 3 cats) and is an avid book nerd.

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