New Feature: Estimated reading time improves content marketing results and engagement

Effective content marketing is designed to engage your readers. With so much content available online today, readers need to know what kind of time commitment is required to consume your content, and an estimated reading time provides that information.

Customers are constantly looking for ways to improve their content marketing so they can engage with their target audience more effectively. That’s why we added a brand new feature to our platform – “Estimated Reading Time.”

Understanding consumer online reading habits

Way back in 2006, Neilsen Norman Group published a study of how people consume information online. It was the first time marketers learned about the “F-shaped” pattern of someone’s eyes as they scanned the page.

That was also some of the earliest insights into how content consumption online differed from reading things like books, magazines, and newspapers — the content vehicles that consumers used before the internet came around. Follow-up studies in 2019 revealed that there are multiple scanning patterns, but the reason for scanning is the same: Consumers want to be efficient with their time. They don’t have time to read every word, so they look for the most useful information on the page.

Shorter content is not the answer

As the volume of content online grows, the efficiency bias of customers only increases. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be writing shorter content. Another prominent study from Microsoft in 2015 declared that consumers now have attention spans of just eight seconds. That’s a full second shorter than a goldfish, according to the article, and that comparison is now valid in the minds of marketing teams everywhere.

The problem with this comparison and this information is that data about high-performing content tells us just the opposite. In fact, some of the best-performing content online is long, 3,000 words” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>clocking in at over 3,000 words.

Setting reader expectations upfront

So, how do marketing teams balance the consumer’s desire for efficiency with the need to create informative blog posts, web pages, and other online content? By managing expectations.

Consumers want information, and the internet is currently the best place to get it. People are willing to invest time and effort into consuming useful and informative content, but they need to know upfront what they are getting into.

That’s why Tempesta Media includes the estimated reading time on all of the content we produce for marketing teams and businesses who use our managed content services platform. It’s a simple tool to help your readers know how long they need to plan to get through a piece of content on your site. We include the reading time at the top of the article, right below the title, so users can quickly and easily determine the time commitment. This feature is included in these content types:

  • Blog posts.
  • SEO content.
  • News commentaries.
  • Informative articles.
  • Thought leadership pieces.

While it’s not a guarantee that they will read every word, our own research reveals that it will dramatically increase engagement and time spent on the site while reducing bounce rates. Improving these metrics gives you more time and more opportunities to push consumers to a call to action to take the next step, boosting engagement as well as conversions.

Content development to improve your SEO and website performance

We found that by adding this feature to content, it dramatically increases engagement, time spent on site, and bounce rates.

Learn more by checking out our 3-part series about estimated reading times: Do You Need Estimated Reading Times, Part 1: What Are Estimated Reading Times?

Tempesta Media’s New Content Marketing Platform Improves Each Phase of Content Production Cycle

I am pleased to introduce our latest content marketing platform upgrade, v10.0, one of the most significant releases in our history. Our next-generation content marketing platform was developed based on your recommendations. We thank all our customers and partners who contributed their ideas. My team and I greatly appreciate it!
V10.0 is rooted in our vision that going forward, it is not enough to merely create high-quality content. Companies will need to efficiently scale their content marketing programs while driving towards bottom line results.
The improvements in v10.0 will make it even easier and more convenient for you to create better content faster and more efficiently, as well as manage your subscription more easily.

Quality content marketing

Content drives the best results when the quality is high. Our upgraded content marketing platform provides significant improvements to each stage of the content production cycle:

  • Voice Profile™ development
  • Topic ideation
  • Enhanced, two-stage writer team vetting selection
  • Industry-specialized editorial review
  • Improved content optimization

Today, I am happy to announce the launch of our specialized editorial capability.  Like your writing teams, industry-specialized editors will be assigned to you.  Your assigned editors will master your company’s unique style, voice and personality more deeply and quickly.
To further enhance the quality of the content we provide, we have instituted an industry-first, four-phase quality check process that starts with our technology platform, goes through two levels of editor checks, and, lastly, makes its way through Customer Success for a final review.

Efficient scaling for content development with content marketing platform

Time is money, and your time is precious.  For many of you, saving time is one of the reasons you chose Tempesta Media as your managed content marketing solution provider.
To help you get an even better return on your time (ROT), we rolled out our new WordPress™ publishing capability.  Now, you can easily and quickly publish content from Article Document straight to your website with a single push of a button through the content marketing platform.
On deck are integrations with HubSpot™ and Google Drive™. 
Also, to help you scale better, you can now access your content anytime on-the-go with our new mobile-friendly interface available on Android™ and IOS™ enabled devices.

Enhanced convenience to save time writing original content

We are empowering customers to have more visibility and control of their content marketing programs through the following platform enhancements:

  • User-friendly user interface (UI)
  • Simple ordering for content and editorial calendars
  • Manage and download all your content from a single dashboard
  • Real-time calendar view of all your content
  • Easily accessible content templates to streamline content ordering

Going forward, your partner for outsourced content marketing

While these collective improvements represent a new wave of innovation, they are just the beginning.  Our team will continue to roll out more features and capabilities.
On behalf of the Tempesta Media team, thank you for your continued support and faith in us as your trusted content marketing partner.
Michael Marchese
Founder and CEO

Tempesta Media Named Top Ten Start-Up by FUND Conference


October 25, 2018 – Chicago, IL – Tempesta Media, LLC a leading content and influencer marketing platform, was named one of the top ten start-ups by FUND Conference.  The event and conference was held in Chicago.  Over 100 innovative companies participated in the event and competition.
“We are pleased that Tempesta Media was selected.  Because many of the attendees were businesses running active digital marketing programs, it represents further validation of our company’s unique approach to solving the challenge most companies face when trying to scale their content marketing programs – how to scale without negatively impacting quality or performance.”, commented Michael Marchese, Founder and CEO of Tempesta Media.
The award marks another achievement and milestone in the company’s progression, adding to a string of successes in 2018.

About Tempesta Media

Tempesta Media is a content creation and micro-influencer marketing platform.  Every business struggles with scaling their content marketing program, without sacrificing quality. Tempesta Media solves this problem.   We deliver 10X better performance for up to 80% less cost than trying to create content in-house.
Using Tempesta Media’s proprietary technology platform and leveraging over 20,000 registered and vetted expert writers, Tempesta Media delivers a scalable solution at up to 10X better quality than competing solutions and up to 80% less expensively than building an internal content marketing department.

About FUND Conference

FUND is the preeminent international connector of entrepreneurs, venture capital, private equity, angel investors, and industry experts with a focus on high-quality curated deal flow, captivating content, and same-day connections. FUND’s market-leading conferences have successfully hosted over 5,000 investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. FUND alumni have gone on to raise over $300 million collectively in just a few years.

Tempesta Media and Oomiji join forces to solve personalized customer nurturing at scale

Businesses can now dynamically create micro-audiences and target each with personalized original content.

CHICAGO, Ill. – October 30, 2017 – Tempesta Media, content creation and micro-influencer marketing technology platform, has announced its partnership with Oomiji, a world-class customer relationship management solution.

Businesses who want to implement nurturing programs are faced with an unsavory paradox:  the deeper you segment your audience, the better your nurturing campaign performs. However, as you implement more segments, the amount of personalized content required to effectively speak to each audience increases exponentially.

Oomiji and Tempesta Media have come together to solve this challenge. Now, businesses are able to target the right content to the right prospect at the right time. “Content marketing works best when highly relevant content is targeted to the right audience,” said Michael Marchese, Founder and CEO of Tempesta Media. “No one is better at uncovering the right audience than Oomiji.”

How it works

Oomiji is able to create dynamic micro-audiences by leveraging all of the information gathered throughout the customer acquisition experience. This game-changing approach enables businesses to gain deep customer insights and better target their audiences. “We’ve connected insights to individuals, in a compliant manner, so that you know who said what and why, and can respond directly to them,” said Jon Stamell, Founder and CEO of Oomiji. “Marketers rarely know why their customers respond to them the way they do; now, Oomiji can tell them with more breadth and depth than they’ve seen before.”

By leveraging innovative technology and nearly 20,000 content creators, Tempesta Media is able to create original content for each micro-audience at scale. “Oomiji dynamically creates highly targeted audience segments. With Tempesta Media’s unique capabilities, businesses can easily provide targeted content to dramatically increase campaign conversion rates,” commented Stamell.

About Tempesta Media:

Founded in 2011, Tempesta Media is a content creation and micro-influencer marketing technology platform for enterprises. By using proprietary technology and nearly 20,000 vetted content creators, the company can produce and amplify expert content at scale while maintaining 10 times the quality of comparable solutions. Headquartered in Chicago, Tempesta Media serves customers in over 100 industry segments. For more information on how Tempesta Media can help your business scale quality content marketing, click here.

About Oomiji:

Headquartered in New York City, Oomiji is dedicated to providing businesses with the ability to truly understand and communicate with their customers. To that end, they have created a revolutionary platform that facilitates meaningful dialogue between companies and consumers.  For more information about Oomiji and its approach to customer interaction, click here.

Averetek and Tempesta Media streamline content development for technology companies

Partnership to allow more than 90,000 value-added resellers to drive channel demand with content marketing

Tempesta Media, a leading content marketing solution for enterprises and agencies, has partnered with Averetek, a global leader in channel marketing automation software and services. The new partnership will streamline content development for value-added resellers (VARs) of major technology companies.
The solution gives technology companies the ability to quickly and effectively get content marketing programs in market using existing marketing development fund (MDF) program dollars. Technology brands can maintain brand control and performance accountability.

How it Works

Tempesta Media has integrated its content and influencer marketing platform into the services marketplace of Averetek’s channel marketing platform. The combined solution will be able to serve the content marketing needs of over 90,000 channel partners. “Our combined solution provides a seamless collaboration between technology companies and their channel partners to produce content that will attract interest and generate more inbound sales leads,” Averetek CEO Peter Thomas said.
Channel partners will be able to immediately apply earned or granted MDF money toward specific content marketing program deliverables such as e-books, whitepapers and case studies. Channel partners will have access to thousands of industry experts, which will allow them to create custom content that maintains consistency of brand message. “Technology channel partners have experienced challenges effectively employing content marketing programs to drive demand,” said Tempesta Media CEO Michael Marchese. “Our turnkey solution streamlines the entire content marketing process, freeing channel partners to focus on what they do best.”
To learn more about how Tempesta Media and Averetek help brands and their channel partners, join us for an information webcast on September 20, 2017 at 1 p.m. EST. Details can be found at

About Tempesta Media

Founded in 2011, Tempesta Media is a leading content and microinfluencer marketing solution for enterprises and digital marketing agencies. Channel partners can scale high-quality, expert content creation that matches their unique voice and perspective. Tempesta Media helps its partners achieve these unique voices by utilizing its pool of more than 17,000 expert writers, qualified and vetted in dozens of industries. Headquartered in Chicago, Tempesta Media is a proud graduate of the tech incubator 1871.

About Averetek

Averetek is the largest provider of channel marketing automation software in the world, with over 400,000 users from 90,000 channel partner organizations in 260 countries and territories. Averetek is the partner-led demand generation engine for leading brands such as SAP, RSA Security, Pure Storage, Splunk, FireEye and Page 2/3. If you have any questions regarding information in these press releases, please contact the company listed in the press release. Our complete disclaimer appears here Avalara. Averetek’s clients use the platform to enable their channel partners to plan and execute a variety of marketing campaign tactics through simple workflows that generate pipeline and revenue.

High-quality content marketing spurs agencies' confidence in continued growth

Tempesta Media finds digital agencies and PR firms see no immediate slowdown in US economy

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – According to a recently released survey conducted by outsourced content marketing company Tempesta Media, over 64 percent of digital agencies report that they are either stable or growing. In fact, digital agencies and PR firms paint a decidedly positive picture. Of the 50 percent of agencies reporting outright growth, the median growth rate was 26 percent. Indeed, the accelerating commitment to content marketing is an important factor in building this confidence.
“Ad agencies have always represented the leading edge of the economy. When companies begin to shift into a defensive posture, agencies are usually the first vendors to feel it,” said Michael Marchese, founder and CEO of Tempesta Media. “We wanted to tap into this leading indicator to really see what is going on in the U.S. economy. As important, we wanted to see how content marketing is impacting their businesses.”

Key growth driver

One of the areas acting as a key growth driver is content marketing. Digital agencies and PR firms are wholeheartedly embracing content marketing as an integral part of their service offerings. To demonstrate, 81 percent already have or are planning to have a content marketing solution available to their customers this year. Of those companies that stated they were growing, 90 percent of them had or planned to have content marketing service offerings for their customers. This compared to less than 50 percent for companies with declining revenues.
Tempesta Media, with partner TangoCode, conducted the research survey from April 1, 2016, to May 2, 2016. It was based on a sample size of 107 U.S. digital agencies and PR firms. The survey targeted agency owners and top agency executives for input. To order a copy of the full research report, The Current State of Content Marketing and Marketing Technology, please visit this site.
If you have a content marketing program, or are planning one, download our ebook:  100 mistakes businesses make when starting, optimizing and scaling content marketing programs.  Learn from the mistakes of hundreds of other companies.  100 mistakes walks you through common and uncommon challenges that they faced with their content marketing programs.

LiveChime and Tempesta Media team up to deliver automated marketing platform for small businesses

LiveChime expects Intercept Marketing to increase sales conversions by 300 to 400 percent

CHICAGO, Illinois – March 23, 2016Tempesta Media, a leading content marketing solution for agencies and enterprises, announced that it has partnered with LiveChime for version 2.0 of LiveChime’s popular Intercept MarketingTM platform. The rollout represents a deepening of their existing partnership.
Thousands of licensed articles created by Tempesta Media’s industry expert writers will make up the content marketing module of the Intercept Marketing 2.0 product.  Articles relevant to a small business’s target market will be shared with potential customers, providing education and engagement with the business’s brand.
Intercept Marketing 2.0 can play a pivotal role in driving revenue for small businesses. The platform connects numerous forms of marketing as a single dashboard. It includes content marketing, social media, email marketing, mobile device marketing, advertising on Google and Facebook, and search engine optimization (SEO). The platform automates the entire process, including the often time-consuming work of finding licensed “curated” content to share on social media.

Added value

Tempesta Media’s unique position as a leader in content marketing provides an added value to the Intercept Marketing 2.0 services.
“LiveChime’s Intercept Marketing solution addresses a nagging issue faced by many small business owners,” said Michael Marchese, CEO of Tempesta Media. “They want to know: ‘How do I cost-effectively drive new customer sales without having to become an expert in multiple digital marketing disciplines?’ And we answer that question with Intercept Marketing.”
Intercept Marketing 2.0 does the heavy lifting of bringing new visitors to a site and then handles followup with automated email and mobile advertising. Ultimately, the goal of the platform is to focus the business owner’s time on talking to customers who are ready to buy while providing total visibility into the performance of the business’ marketing efforts.
LiveChime distributes Intercept Marketing 2.0 in conjunction with its concierge setup service. The company can set up the platform for a one-time $300 fee. After that, the service starts at $149/month. This covers the generation and follow-up process for up to 1,000 new sales leads. For more information, visit here.

About Tempesta Media

Tempesta Media launched in January 2011. Its goal is to provide digital agencies with a turnkey, scalable, private label content marketing solution for their clients’ content needs. The company works primarily with digital marketing and PR agencies to produce, publish and promote content for their clients. Today the firm has clients in more than 50 industry segments. Headquartered in Chicago, Tempesta Media is a graduate of the tech incubator 1871.
If you have a content marketing program, or are planning one, download our ebook:  100 mistakes businesses make when starting, optimizing and scaling content marketing programs.  Learn from the mistakes of hundreds of other companies.  100 mistakes walks you through common and uncommon challenges that they faced with their content marketing programs.

Tempesta Media announces Advisory Board members

Tempesta Media Logo

CHICAGO, March 16, 2016 — The outsourced content marketing firm Tempesta Media has announced the appointment of a group of respected business and technology leaders to its advisory board. “Adding such luminaries to our team further validates our vision for the industry and our approach to addressing the everyday pain points that digital agencies and public relations firms face,” said Michael Marchese, the company’s founder and CEO.

Based in Chicago, Tempesta Media provides a private label content marketing platform for digital agencies, website developers and PR firms. The solution gives digital agencies instant content marketing capabilities for use by their clients.

The advisory board members announced today are:

Ed Tyler

An experienced executive and an investor in Tempesta Media, Ed Tyler brings a long track record in leadership and entrepreneurial positions to his role. He is CEO of Ideapoint Ventures, an early stage venture fund that focuses on nanotechnologies. Previously he served as president and CEO of Moore Corporation Limited, a provider of data capture, information design, marketing services, digital communications and print solutions. Tyler worked for 24 years with RR Donnelley & Sons Company, beginning his career as an electronics engineer and ultimately serving as executive vice president, sector president and chief technology officer. He also was responsible for 77 Capital, an early stage venture capital subsidiary of Donnelley, where he was directly responsible for investment decisions and worked closely with portfolio companies while participating on many of their boards.

Tyler is a director of Nanophase Technologies Corporation, former chairman of the American Red Cross (Mid-America Chapter) and campaign chairman of the United Way of Lake County. In addition, he serves as a director for several small private companies and is a member of the board of directors of Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, where he is also an adjunct faculty member. Tyler earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Physics at the Indiana Institute of Technology, and is a graduate of the Program for Management Development at Harvard Business School.

Jason Wadler

Jason Wadler, executive vice president and chief strategy officer for Leapfrog Online, worked with the company’s co-founders to build Leapfrog Online from a startup into one of the largest digital marketing companies in the country. Wadler has more than 20 years of strategy and marketing expertise, having held senior-level roles at the Townsend Agency, MediaOne, Ameritech and Discover Financial Services in addition to his role at Leapfrog. He is an active adviser and board member for a number of Chicago-based digital companies and serves on the board of the Vasculitis Foundation, an international non-profit organization. Wadler holds a B.S. in advertising from Indiana University.

Gary Kreissman

Gary Kreissman is an experienced marketing strategist and entrepreneur with a substantial track record in financial services, premium products, consumer promotion and media/Internet. Focused on rapid revenue generation, Kreissman co-founded, managed and sold a multimillion-dollar online lead generation business, Precision Prospects Inc., the leading source for highly qualified investor leads. He currently is co-founder and president of KeyVersion Inc., which optimizes marketers’ lead conversion, and Group PRM, a customer acquisition consultancy. Previously, Gary was SVP of Lipper Inc., the mutual fund information provider, where he managed the New York office, created a profitable online data feed business and was instrumental in the sale of Lipper to Reuters. Earlier, he was CEO of ActDirect, the first database-driven couponing company.

Kreissman has held senior positions at ValPak, Remy Martin Amerique and Ogilvy & Mather, and he is a regular columnist for MediaPost’s “Performance Insider,” focused on performance marketing and social media. He also serves on the advisory boards of IvyConnect, SN Impact Inc., OMMA/Media Post, The Lower East Side Tenement Museum and Fresh Youth Initiatives. Kreissman holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.A. from the University of Michigan.

Dan Garms

Dan Garms is managing director/business development of Wabash Capital Group and performs similar services for its affiliated independent entities relating to health care, energy, digital and patent opportunities. As managing director of The Garms Group, he has more than 30 years of high-level executive search experience, primarily for growth-stage and emerging technology companies. In conjunction with these assignments, Garms frequently assumes advisory roles and serves as a company board member. He is notably skilled in analyzing people and assessing organizational structures. Some of the primary areas of focus for Garms are information technology, including web-based commerce and security applications, digital media; life sciences, including health care, biotech and nanotechnology; and telecommunications, including wi-fi and RF.

Garms places his emphasis on transformational executive recruiting assignments and understanding the impact that leadership has on the success of a company in competitive markets. He also arranges for required capital resources and helps clients establish strategic partnerships that accelerate market penetration. Garms earned a bachelor’s degree in business and economics at Loras College.

Tim Moegen

An executive with more than 15 years’ experience in the Big 4 business and financial consulting sector, Tim Moegen also has held positions in global and boutique consulting firms, including PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Resources Global Professionals. He has supported clients through growth strategy, market intelligence, financial turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions, litigation support, and corporate governance initiatives. He also led the financial efforts of the successful initial public offering of WebsideStory Inc. (now Adobe) and provided strategic financial and operational guidance from the company’s late startup phase. Moegen is a certified public accountant and has a bachelor’s degree from Temple University.

Mario Christopher

Mario Christopher, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Showingtime, the premier real estate showing management provider, is a highly accomplished senior finance leader with broad-based operating experience working with early stage and rapidly growing companies. He started his career with KPMG, spending most of his time in the high tech practice. Since then, as a CFO, he has had significant experience working with technology and service-based businesses, two of which he helped launch from inception. Christopher has held executive positions at Tribeca Flashpoint College, UAC, EdGate and Arial Systems Corp. He is a certified public accountant and holds a BBA in accounting from Loyola University.

About Tempesta Media

Tempesta Media launched in January 2011 with the goal of providing digital agencies with a turnkey, scalable, private label content marketing solution for their clients’ content needs. The company works primarily with digital marketing and PR agencies to produce, publish and amplify content for their clients in more than 50 industry segments. Headquartered in Chicago, Tempesta Media is a graduate of the tech incubator 1871.  For more information, please visit the company’s website located at

If you have a content marketing program, or are planning one, download our ebook:  100 mistakes businesses make when starting, optimizing and scaling content marketing programs.  Learn from the mistakes of hundreds of other companies.  100 mistakes walks you through common and uncommon challenges that they faced with their content marketing programs.

Digital media veteran Rebecca Baldwin joins Tempesta Media

Former Tribune Company exec Rebecca Baldwin powers content marketing firm’s growth

CHICAGO, Illinois – Tempesta Media announced today the appointment of Rebecca Baldwin as the company’s vice president of service delivery. The company is the leading content marketing solution provider for digital agencies and public relations firms.
A digital media veteran, Baldwin has more than 15 years of experience managing successful websites for Tribune Company. Most recently, she was vice president and general manager of, Tribune Company’s popular TV and pop culture site. She started her digital career as product manager on the team that launched the innovative dining and entertainment site in Chicago in 1997.
“Rebecca has a rich experience in journalism and digital media management. This further reinforces Tempesta Media’s position as one of the premier content marketing solutions providers in the U.S.,” said Tempesta Media founder and CEO Michael Marchese. “She brings a journalist’s sensibility and a savvy marketing mind that will ensure we continue to deliver engaging, effective industry content that resonates with today’s distracted web audiences. We are thrilled to have someone with Rebecca’s knowledge and expertise on our team.”

Notable accomplishments

Baldwin holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. She holds journalism degrees from the University of Florida and the University of Southern Mississippi. Before beginning her digital career, she was an editor at the Chicago Tribune and the Orlando Sentinel. She subsequently served as director of public affairs at the Art Institute of Chicago. She had been on the adjunct faculty of Kellogg and of Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications.
“Tempesta Media has given me the opportunity to play a leadership role for a rapidly expanding, emerging leader in the white-hot content marketing industry,” Baldwin said. “By combining innovative technology and an unmatched writer vetting process, Tempesta Media has been able to elegantly solve a significant advertising industry problem:  how to produce and amplify engaging industry content at scale.”
If you have a content marketing program, or are planning one, download our ebook:  100 mistakes businesses make when starting, optimizing and scaling content marketing programs.  Learn from the mistakes of hundreds of other companies.  100 mistakes walks you through common and uncommon challenges that they faced with their content marketing programs.

About Tempesta Media

Tempesta Media launched in January 2011. Its goal is to provide digital agencies with a turnkey, scalable, private label content marketing solution for their clients’ content needs. The company works primarily with digital marketing and PR agencies to produce, publish and promote content for their clients in more than 50 industry segments. Headquartered in Chicago, Tempesta Media is a graduate of the tech incubator 1871.  For more information, please visit the company’s website located at