Writer FAQ

We’ve gone ahead and answered some of the questions you may have about a writing career with Tempesta Media.

I am not a U.S. resident. Can I sign up?
Tempesta Media is only available to freelance writers who have a legal right to work in the United States.
How much do you pay?
Freelance writers are paid on a per article basis.  The amount paid is based on your expertise, quality and tenure with Tempesta Media.  Micro-influencers are paid per post accepted and shared. The amount paid is dynamic and based on the micro-influencer’s Brand Value.
Can I get a byline for my work?
All work written by our freelance writers is on a ghost written basis. That means no byline will be provided, unless specifically requested by the client.
How many articles do I need to write each week?
Tempesta Media can represent a large percentage of your ongoing freelance workload. We expect our freelance writers to commit to a minimum of 2,500 words per week. Freelance writers have the ability to put their accounts on vacation mode, when unavailable and to delineate which days of the week they are available to accept assignments. Writers can also set the daily maximum word count assigned to them.
What payment methods do you use?

We pay using PayPal. If you would like to register for ArticleDocument.com, but do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up for one here.

How frequently do you pay your writers?
We pay monthly.

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