If you’re considering outsourcing your content, you’ve likely come across content marketing agencies and content marketing platforms. If you’re confused as to what the difference is, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

What’s the difference between content marketing platforms and agencies?

A content marketing agency is structured to be human-focused. In other words, they make decisions and create content with the customer in mind. As such, they’re best suited to provide strategy and branding assistance that ties into the customer’s overall marketing program. However, some of the more technological parts of a marketing program are missing here.

On the other hand, content marketing platforms are technology intensive in addition to human-focused. Their solution primarily revolves around the technology and executional tasks of a content marketing program. With this focus, they can provide a more efficient and complete solution.

Because of their focus on technology, platforms can automate many of the functions agencies do manually. For example, most agencies don’t have the analytics or management technology required to properly run a company’s entire program.

However, platforms like Tempesta Media do provide these functional aspects. In fact, Tempesta Media’s platform specifically includes technology that scans your content for plagiarism and optimizes it for SEO and readability. Additionally, we can even incorporate licensed images to promote audience engagement.

Ultimately, platforms are a streamlined solution for content marketing programs. They allow you to access and manage all components from one system.


Can they work together?

If you’re thinking that both of these services sound pretty similar, you’re not wrong. In fact, since they are two parts of the same goal – a successful content marketing plan – they often work together. Oftentimes, content marketing agencies use a platform to be able to accommodate their customer’s content marketing program while they advise on and support it.

In other words, agencies deploy a platform when they want to better serve their customer’s needs in a consistent fashion. Instead of only providing a partial solution, platforms enable agencies to manage more of their customer’s marketing program. Therefore, when they have insight into all phases of the program, it’s easier for agencies to understand their customer’s goals and successfully implement them.


“Content marketing platforms are technology intensive in addition to human-focused.”

What if I don’t need an agency?

You don’t have to be an agency to benefit from a content marketing platform. In fact, since many businesses choose to manage their marketing program in-house, they also seek out a platform for their internal use. This often happens when businesses are looking for both return on time and scalability without having to hire additional team members.

Content marketing platforms, like Tempesta Media’s, streamline the content production and publishing processes. Particularly, Tempesta Media provides you with a team of expert writers and editors and a dedicated customer success manager. In addition, our platform gives you easy access to order and schedule new content, approve or revise existing content, and publish finished content within minutes.

At Tempesta Media, both agencies and enterprises utilize our services so they can effectively scale up and optimize their content marketing programs without sacrificing quality.

To learn more about how our streamlined content marketing platform can benefit your business, contact us today.

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