Why incorporate Google News into your content strategy

Google News is an excellent way to use content marketing, because it provides key points and statistics that will drastically improve a company’s engagement on a content-marketing item. The site gives the firm updated and recent news from around the world.

To see it, type “Google News” in the google search bar and click on it again when it pops up as the first search option. Then, automatically receiving Google News alerts can be set up by following these steps:

  • Click on Google Alerts Page
  • Type in a search term to track.

  • Click “Show options” (below the search box) and pick the perferred option.

  • Pick a source for alerts.

  • Pick the language and region.

  • Decide how many results to see: “all results,” or “only the best results.”

  • Pick a delivery email address (the location where Google will send alerts).

  • Click “Create alert.”

Since Google News is a huge database of articles and statistics, it can make content marketing much more legitimate and factual, in turn helping to build a company’s overall credibility with its audience. For example, the firm sells an online educational course.

The content marketing can really stand out by explaining how most online educational courses fail. Type “online courses” and plenty of articles that talk about them will be shown. One can say that nearly 80% of people who join online educational courses drop out. That article can be referred to along with the source in the content-marketing piece.

New topics show trends

To generate new topics on Google News, simply write keywords that relate to the content you are looking to develop. That will display a variety of related topics for you to explore.

For example, if you are looking to write content about a cooking service, there are many keywords that can be associated, such as “meat,” “cooking,” “recipe”.

By using Google News alerts in conjunction with the company’s niche, the topics will remain relevant because they refer to the trends at that immediate moment in time. Being timely also helps improve your Google ranking or search engine optimization (SEO).

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Trending topics

Taking the process a step further, for a big boost to content-marketing efforts, a company may want to create content that generates traffic from trending topics. Those can be found simply by writing “trending news” in the Google search and seeing what news shows up that has gained recent popularity.

Another technique is to learn to figure out what keywords those articles are using so the company can use it for its own content marketing to generate more traffic.

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