The success of your content marketing strategy depends on the quality of your content. It also depends on the content marketing channel on which you choose to distribute it. It’s important to understand the purpose and scope of different channels, explore emerging platforms and select channels that make sense for your goals.

Reaching out to your target audience

Demographics data about your target audience can help narrow down what media channel you choose. For instance, Facebook is immensely popular among 25-30 year olds. These people comprise Facebook’s largest user group. On the other hand, teens and young adults are more likely to prefer Instagram or SnapChat.

However, don’t limit yourself to broad statistics to choose the right content marketing channel for your audience. Pay attention to how content performs on different channels. You should also find out about your audience’s habits and preferences.

Content length and format

Some channels are ideal for quick content consumption. An infographic or engaging image would be perfect for social media. On the other hand, a short educational video would do well on YouTube.

Long-form pieces do well on websites. They can be broken into a series of emails or blog posts, published on platforms like Medium to reach out to a broader audience or shared as downloaded e-guides.

Additionally, make sure your published content will look good on the channel you select. Format image sizes and pay attention to character limits for social media and email previews. You should also check that your content loads quickly and is properly displayed. If your content does not format correctly on your chosen media channel, engagement rates will drop.


At the most basic level, you need to ask yourself what your goals are for each content piece. Which channel will help you accomplish these goals?

To increase awareness and engage new prospects, publish content on social media where it’s easily shareable. To boost sales, use your email list to deliver content to qualified leads further down your sales funnel.

And remember: Don’t limit yourself to a single channel! Most pieces of content will do well on various channels. You can usually tweak a few things to make your content easier to consume on each channel you decide to use. For example, if you create a downloadable e-guide on your website, post a snippet of it as a blog post or create a social media blurb that encourages your audience to read the full article.

To learn more about how to choose the best content marketing channel to achieve quality content at scale, contact Tempesta Media today.

Michael Marchese is the founder and CEO of Tempesta Media. He is responsible for corporate strategy, executive team leadership and overall business operations across all the company’s segments.

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