CEO bloggingBlogging is one of the most sustainable methods of bringing new traffic to a corporate website. According to marketing website HubSpot, businesses that blog drive 55% more website visitors than those that don’t. Blogging adds value to new and existing customers, and it’s a great way to stand out from the competition.

For ultimate success, company blogs need to have a mission. That mission will help determine what kind of information to include in blog posts. A good goal for most businesses is to build a relationship with their customers. Those blogs can succeed by providing credible and informative content that is worth the investment of the reader’s time.

The results can be amazing when CEOs blog on their company websites. They earn trust and respect from their audience, which results in higher traffic and more business. One of the topics that CEOs can share is the company’s goals and vision. One such example is the Groovehq.com blog written by CEO Alex Turnbull. In the first two years, Alex shared his company’s journey towards $100,000 a month in revenue. This not only helped potential investors see the growth rate and achievements of the company; it also helped its audience learn and borrow ideas that would work for their businesses. A CEO also can reveal its product launch process to keep potential customers interested. Doing this can result in valuable feedback that can help the company build a better product than it would if the project was created in secret.

Blog about community outreach

Sharing what the company is doing in terms of giving back to the community is another great way to reach more potential customers. Most people like doing business with companies that are involved in the life of the community. CEOs can blog about the programs they support in the community and what they have learned from such undertakings. This shows readers that the company does not just care about making profits but also about the well-being of society. This kind of content can be shared specifically under the heading of social responsibility.

Another way to set a blog apart from competition is to be transparent. For example, Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh and COO Chris Nielsen have shared internal documents such as memos and emails with the general public, something that most companies would shy away from. For Zappos, it’s all about building trust with their customers and audience. When such information comes from the top, there is more impact in terms of building credibility and driving sales.

Blog with a consistent voice

To feel the real effect of blogging, a CEO’s blog should be consistent in voice and tone. It also is important to give other people in the company the opportunity to blog in order to keep the content fresh and diverse.

So what if a CEO or other senior manager does not have the time to blog consistently? One solution is to outsource content creation to a managed services provider such as Tempesta Media. The content marketing experts at Tempesta Media can prepare content for CEOs on appropriate topics. The company works primarily with digital marketing agencies, web developers and PR firms, providing them with high-quality, cost-effective digital content that generates leads and drives new revenue.

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