What Are Content Marketing Examples?

Anastasiia Lavrinenko
February 20, 2020
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What Are Content Marketing Examples?

Anastasiia Lavrinenko
February 20, 2020

Content marketing involves any piece of content that engages a company’s audience. Moreover, it provides them with an opportunity to further pursue a relationship with that business. Here at Tempesta Media, we offer nine different content types that our expert writers can create for you.

Our content types

All things considered, we understand how challenging content marketing can be. So, we offer a variety of content types to help personalize your plan. In fact, each content type we offer supports different marketing goals. Additionally, it helps you attract various levels of your marketing funnel:

Blog posts

As one of the most critical elements of your content marketing efforts, blogs help establish consistency and promote customer engagement.

White papers

Backed by solid research, white papers help develop thought leadership. They also show expertise in your industry.

Press Releases

These help your publicity and tell your customers that you are updating your offerings to better serve them.

E-guides and e-books

These longer pieces also create thought leadership since they allow you to include more detail.

Case studies

Case studies provide your audience with proof of your company’s value and success. Because of this, these help persuade prospects to choose your services.

Email and social media copy

These short-form pieces support personalization as well as show that you are engaging in your audience’s preferred forms of communication.

Thought leadership

Thought leadership can be a content type of its own. As such, it establishes authority and knowledge in your industry. In addition, it allows you to brand yourself as an expert.

SEO content

SEO content helps your brand visibility by appearing higher on search engine results pages. After all, the more people who see your website, the more leads you have.

Product descriptions

These are important in helping your audience clearly understand what you offer.

We work hard to be an extension of your company’s voice. Ultimately, partnering with us means you receive consistent high quality material at every stage of the production process.

Other content marketing examples

Content marketing in 2020 is becoming more personal. Therefore, it’s vital that brands focus on relationships. Consumers want to feel valued by the companies they support. Therefore, your content marketing efforts need to reflect how your audience is a part of your success.

To achieve this, Tempesta Media provides multiple content types that connect with and engage your audience to inspire action. In other words, we provide a partnership that you can capitalize on. Specifically, we’re here to help you utilize different content marketing examples to create revenue and stronger customer relationships.

Request a sample article

Tempesta Media pairs you with expert writers in your industry to deliver quality content. In addition, we offer various content marketing types and services to provide you with all the qualities of an in-house marketing team at a significantly lower cost.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting or receive writing samples.

Anastasiia Lavrinenko

Anastasiia Lavrinenko

Anastasia is in charge of corporate brand strategy at Tempesta Media. Her non-stop devouring of various pieces of training content focused on PR, SEO, content marketing, SMM, and email marketing continues to inspire her to develop and master new fields of marketing. She is an enthusiastic person who loves to travel and takes an interest in new languages and cultures.

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